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Wedding hairstyles with hair extension

hair extensions for wedding

   When we were all little girls, we dreamed about the prince in a white horse. We wanted to wear those fluffy dresses and the crown on a beautiful hair same as Disney princesses have in cartoons. But when we grow up, the only chance is to feel that real princess from childhood is a wedding. Yes, we have been waiting for this day for a long time-like a sleeping beauty. And finally, we wake up. And what do we see? Yes, that mad wedding stir. But my dear brides, let’s put all the tinsel to the background and better focus on ourselves. We understand and empathize with your ceremonial troubles but relax we are here to help you with the future hairstyle. And believe me, we have something “yummy” for you.


How to choose a wedding hairstyle


1. Most often, the first thing the bride does is choose a wedding dress, and only then think about makeup and hairstyle. Well, if the girl knows what she wants to do at the wedding. It is cool! And if there is no certainty, you should go on the contrary, and understand what hairstyle you do not exactly want to do. For example, maybe you are absolutely against the updos and dream of lush curls!


 2. The Internet is repleted with photos of beautiful and stylish hairstyles. Save yourself those that you like, and be sure to show them to your stylist. It is also important that the master understands what kind of wedding dress you will have and the overall style of the wedding. Together you will come to a joint decision on the choice of hairstyle, which will be ideally combined with everything else. 


3. What hairstyle you would not choose, remember that on well-groomed hair, any hairstyle will look much better! Therefore, a couple of months before the wedding, start using masks, nourishing oils for hair, you can do a couple of beauty treatments in the salon. Pay special attention to the tips! 


 4. All brides should do a test hairstyle a couple of weeks before the wedding. Why? First, you will get acquainted with the stylist, understand how comfortable you are with him (you will agree, this is important on the wedding day) and appreciate his professional qualities. Secondly, look at how much your chosen hairstyle goes. Do not hesitate to ask the master on the probe to make 2 images at once: for example, loose hair and collected hair. So you will understand what suits you best, and be safe in case of bad weather. It is also a great option to combine the probe with a bachelorette party or a photo session. 


5. By the way, we need to say a few words about the weather. Rainy windy weather can be the main enemy of any hairstyle. Therefore, if you are planning to be in the open air, give preference to smooth, high hairstyles and strong fixation. If you have wavy hair, then you should not straighten them. Otherwise, suddenly started to rain can ruin the entire hairstyle (or you can use a special serum or wax against chaotic curling). 


   I wanted to draw your attention to one fact. Almost on all photos where you see a magnificent effective hairstyle, extension strands are used. If you also want to add length or thickness to your hair, do not be afraid to use hair extensions! Now the market of hair extension is developed much. A competent stylist thoroughly fix them and make sure that no one ever guesses that you have added a few strands. You should purchase only natural human hair; Firstly, their quality is incomparably better than from artificial. Secondly, yes, they are more expensive, but they will serve you for several years!  


Human hair extensions ‘were born’ for brides


1. You can make the permanent hair extension before the wedding and stay long haired beauty all the Honeymoon. How do you like this idea? Well, there are plenty of extension techniques to choose such as Micro Link and legendary Hot Fusion, Hollywood Sew-ins and Tapes. All info about them you can find in Pure Hair blog. 


2. Another offer is to use Clip in hair extensions. It is very comfortable and practice. You will see, you like it very much. You can put them firstly with master then yourself whenever you have a high date. Pure Hair hairs are the best quality hair on extension market as all of them are 100% human hair from Russian Federation. This type of hair origin is valued mostly and considered to be a premium category. Other words, it means your look will be natural and your hair shiny and healthy. Extension strands perfectly will blend with your natural and give you that effect you wanted to have: volume and length. And guess what else? Of course, happiness as a compelling bride is a happy bride!  


Hair extension before and after


   If you want to keep up with fashion, you can use our large palette of colors and shades. What about trendy Ombre on wedding? You do not need to dye your hair, because you can use extensions. Do you want to change the color? It is not a problem. Feel free to repaint. Pure hair can be dyed and the natural shine and smoothness remain for a long time. 


   Clip hair extensions can be a rescuing way for brides, who are in a hurry to get married)). If the bride simply does not have time to prepare for the wedding, clip-ins come to the rescue. After all, the effect is noticeable, and it cannot leave indifferent even the most naughty brides. 





 Dear brides, here are some gorgeous looks which our edition has sorted for you. 

Elven Princess

Wedding hairstyle with hair extension 2019


   Floral wreaths and floral decorations are the personification of youth, femininity, and innocence. With their bright colors, flowers refresh the image of any bride. After all, the flowers fit any dress from colored to nude shades. Here you can express your imagination and choose any hairstyle, whether it is volumetric braids or loose playfully frizzling curls. If the wedding place is in the garden, a country manor, the floral theme will be very suitable. Feel yourself a real fairy, created and woven by nature itself, the embodiment of beauty and grace.For our middle forest fairy, we used Micro Link color 10

True perfection

Wedding hairstyle with hair extension 2019


  “Who is the prettiest of all”? The Magic Mirror quoted "You, my Queen, are the prettiest so true!” If you agree only for a royally wedding this image is definitely for you. Who told you that is impossible to use hair extension for high hairstyles? If you are a fan of classic updos welcome, Hot Fusion hair extension is the best variant for such type of styling. Well, it turns your natural, modest hair bun into a luxurious hairstyle worthy your Majesty for sure. Just imagine how many new beautiful strands and curls the stylist can add and lay to you wedding bun.For our bride on the left , we used Hot Fusion color 4 

Mysterious Mermaid

Wedding hairstyle with hair extension 2019


   If you decide that the wedding place will be the seashore Maldives or Miami Beach it is hard to keep the complicated hairstyle in shape. So as it is more logical to choose loose hair. Wow, imagine how your hair will be soaring in the wind. Agree with me, and it will look better if we add some volume and length to your natural hair. You can use Sew-in hair extension here as the place of the attachment is absolutely invisible even if the wind is waving your hair.For our mermaid on the right we used wefts color 8/DB4. 





Well, I hope we did some work together and helped you to make a choice a little bit. Happy wedding and Honeymoon!

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